New Music: imi – Born For What?

  • New Music: imi - Born For What?

Born For What? is the first release from Leeds-based artist imi; and it is quite a stunning debut. It’s a track that takes references and influences from a bewildering array of electronic genres with gleeful abandon, turning them into a majestic whole. You can listen to the song on the link below.

The track drives along with an almost motorik beat, but the sometimes impersonal nature of that Krautrock sound is turned on its head by throbbing synths, drum and bass rhythms, garage rock styled organ effects and Bjork-meets-Kate Bush-meets-Goldfrapp vocals.

It’s a track that shouldn’t work, especially given the disparate and contradictory musical forces at work on Born For What?, but it’s so perfect in its conception and delivery that it’s hard to ignore how well crafted the track really is.

Is out now, and is available on Spotify and iTunes. You can also follow imi on Instagram.

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