Mary, Max and Andrea are Indigo Face. They describe themselves as an alternative pop trio, combining a strong visual aesthetic with a similarly bright and colourful sound on Wild.

Unashamedly 80s in mood and not a bit the worse for it, tribal shout outs and pounding drums imbue the song with a sense of melancholy from the get-go. The trio cites influences such as Christine and the Queens, Banks and Aurora, but I can hear echoes of Madonna’s Cherish and Cyndi Lauper’s iconic True Colors in the easy-going pop tones of Wild. If you’re going to invoke memories of 80s pop songs, you might as well go for the classics.

Wild is out now on all good digital streaming services including Spotify. For news on  the latter, new releases and upcoming gigs, hit up Indigo Face on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Oh and be sure to watch A Womxn Will Save Us All (The Documentary) on Facebook for an insight on what it’s like to be a woman in music even in these more progressive times.