2018 saw Ingrid Witt start of her own label (Oh Mama Records), release her debut EP and write music for other artists. Fools sees her release the second of four planned singles for 2019, and it’s a real treasure.

A song she describes as ‘an anthem for the weird ones’, it sees Ingrid Witt use her vocal similarity to Robyn and Grimes to good effect, being able to convey emotions and sensations with the same twist or inflection in her vocal delivery. But whereas Robyn and Grimes also rely on the message of the lyrics to impart much of their meaning, Witt can do that by the sheer presence and passion in her voice. Allied with a moody but ultimately catchy arrangement and melody, Fools is very much its own unique star in the musical firmament.

Witt had this to say about the track: “I came to the studio and wanted to make an anthem for the weird ones. Even though that anthem has already been made by The Ark with the song, It takes a fool to remain sane – and the fact that it is impossible make something even near that song, I felt very inspired by it. Fools is dedicated to a person very close to me and it is about mental illness and asking the question what does ‘crazy’ mean? We made three different productions for the song and now it feels like we got it right, surprisingly we somehow ended up with a chill Latin beat. I have been waiting so long to release this special one and finally the time has come.”

Fools is out now via Witt’s own label, with the song also streaming on Spotify.  Don’t forget to check her out on Facebook and Instagram.