With a voice that bears striking similarities to Robyn and Grimes, the bar is set high already for Stockholm’s Ingrid Witt – but she acquits herself with ease on Inside.

We hear so much Scandinavian pop these days, sometimes it can be hard to remember what makes it such a worldwide phenomenon as well as a pleasure to listen to, but Witt certainly hits the mark here.

Crisp synths and a fresh, upbeat bassline serve as the perfect accompaniment to a vocal performance that manages to apply a light, pop sheen to some rather reflective lyrics.

It’s accessible, it’s poppy but there’s a real sense of meaning to the track, a message that isn’t obscured by the brooding catchiness of the arrangement.

Witt had this to say about the inspiration for Inside: “It was born while I became friends with the new Moog Grandmother synthesizer in our studio in Stockholm and the song is about a need of intimacy in these times of scrolling and swiping.

Somehow, I managed to get a heartfelt and honest feeling in that song. It is a dreamy, electronic up-tempo song about the fear of being rejected. It is also funny that almost all sounds in the production are produced from the Moog Grandmother, so maybe the fact that I have borrowed the name Ingrid Witt from my grandmother has something to do with that special feeling.”

The track is out now via Witt’s own label, Oh Mama Records. Inside is one of four songs Witt is releasing in the spring of 2019 so why not give her a follow on Spotify and Instagram to hear more from this exciting new artist.