Mysterious Stockholm-based INTET is a team of designers, artists and producers who say they want to keep the focus on their music and art, instead of the people behind it. It’ll be hard to hide behind the scenes for much longer if they continue to make music as beautiful and enigmatic as A Part.

A brisk, electro-infused opening sets the scene for intimate vocals and reflective lyrics that feel like they can see right into your soul. Gothic and rock nuances, such as in the piano melody and plaintive acoustic guitar, heighten the emotional intensity of the track, taking you on a richly textured, tautly structured, and ultimately rewarding psychological journey.

The had this to say about A Part: “This song is about trying to find your place and fit in but also a brief thought about what too much loneliness does to you. Whether you feel lonely in a crowd, lost among friends or just trying to connect the dots.”

A Part by INTET is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Spotify. Be sure to check the band out over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details on how to listen to the track, as well as upcoming releases and much more from this intriguing Swedish collective.