Hotly tipped by Tim Burgess, The Red Stains fire on all cylinders with their seductive, contemporary take on post-punk, glam and new wave; a sound that takes pride in being powerful and subversive. Before their debut single launch party at Night & Day on the 24th of April, AnalogueTrash got to quiz the group to find out a bit more about them.

What made you want to get into music?

Nat: For me, it was a way to form an expression of my personality. As a child, I had dreams of being a rock star, and I used to be part of singing clubs, and so on. Back then, it was more traditional music, though.

Ella: It’s the early 2000s in London. My parents have gone to a middle-class dinner party. Someone in the room asked: “So what instrument does your daughter play?” and they had nothing to say. I took up the violin after that, and that’s how it all started.

Sterling: I picked up a bass when I was sixteen. After two and a half years, it was time for me to stop annoying people in the room next door and to start annoying people on stage instead.

Ben: When I went to gigs and watched the bands play, I didn’t just want to listen in the audience; I wanted to be the one up there.

What inspires you to write?

We all have a similar mindset and values when it comes to social matters. Our music and our lyrics are an expression of who we are as people.

Who has had the most influence on your music?


What has been the biggest challenge in your career so far?

Creepy old men and sexism in general. When you’re up on stage, people see you as public property, and that’s how people treat you.

What has been the nicest thing ever written about you?

From Even the Stars, 12/01/2020: “You love them, or you hate them, and you’ll be in one camp or the other as they’d push you off the fence if you tried to sit on it.”

What has been the best and worst gig you’ve ever played?

The best gig so far was with our mates Loose Articles in December last year, and the worst gig was the one the night after as we were really hungover from partying too hard.

What was the last album you played on Spotify?

Ella: Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides by SOPHIE

Sterling: King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown extended edition by King Tubby

Natalie: Girls At Our Best! by Pleasure

Ben: Rock ‘N Roll by New York Dolls

If you could support anyone, who would it be and why?

The Fall because they are probably the only band more chaotic than us.

What other bands do we need to be checking out right now?

To name a few, check out Loose Articles, Tinfoils, and The Early Mornings.

Give us a few hints on what’s in store next for your band…

We’ve got a gig with Slides at Off The Square in Manchester on the 18th of March. After that, we play Night & Day as a headliner on the April of 24th for our debut single launch party and are looking forward to more gigs and possibly festivals throughout the year, including Manchester Psych Fest.

The Red Stains are Natalie Emslie on vocals, Sterling Kelly on bass, Ella Powell on synths, and Ben Dutton on drums. To find out more about the group, single launch, and upcoming gigs in Glossop and an appearance at the Manchester Psych Fest, head over to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram socials.

Photo by Andi Callen