New Music: Isadora – Million Reasons

  • New Music: Isadora - Million Reasons

Tel Aviv trio ISADORA have an upbeat Electropop sound, augmented with killer grooves and a powerful musical vision:  power pop charm songs with thoughtful song writing as exemplified on their track Let It Burn. The trio have applied their musical alchemy to Million Reasons by Lady Gaga, in a version that keeps the emotional heart of the original at its core, but taking the song and giving it a more wistful, almost romantic air.

Leader of the pack Isadora Kaufman interlaces compelling vocal melodies over the prominent synths that band leader and producer Dotan Moshanov has crafted, whilst the pulsating beats that drummer Yaron Goren layers beneath her airy vocals imbue the track with a rhythmic hypnosis.

Isadora have taken one of Lady Gaga’s greatest songs and made it their own. You can find streaming and purchasing details over on the band’s Soundcloud page.

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