Isanna is an American-German producer and artist now based in London, England. With her classical voice training and self-taught production, she creates beautiful sounds, as you can hear on new single 1998.

The ideal soundtrack for an endless summer’s day, 1998 reaches into the past – both musically and lyrically – but gives those retro nuances a modern sheen in both the arrangement and vocal production. It’s pop with a twist, however: as catchy as the chorus and hooks are, there’s an edge of regret and melancholy that sets it apart from your normal chart-friendly electro-pop sound.

Speaking about the song, she says, “1998 is a track about nostalgia. It’s about knowing you’re better off in the present, and being proud of how far you’ve come, but also recognizing that some part of you will always be tied to where you’re from, whether you like it or not.”

1998 is out now via Amuse. Show Isanna some social media love on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where you can discover more about the artist and their music.