New Music: ISSAC NAVARO – Coney Island Boppers

  • New Music: ISSAC NAVARO - Coney Island Boppers

As a taster for his upcoming Outer Rings album, Dumfries based musician Issac Navaro (aka Drew McLatchie) is back with his trademark mix of post-rock, electronica and pop on Coney Island Boppers.

From its softly rhythmic opening reminiscent of Vessels at their finest, a pulsating bass shifts tone and timbre to create a sense of suspense and quiet drama. 90 seconds in the atmosphere shifts, the tempo increases as the fusion of motorik drive, shifting electronica and frenetic guitar take the listener by pleasant surprise.

It’s complex but with a real sense of purpose, like the mood music or soundtrack for a cult sci-fi classic. Think Low but in widescreen, or Zero 7 kicking out the jams; it’s rich, texture and intricate sound augurs well for the Outer Rings.

Navaro says the track and album signal a shifts in musical direction the new album moves a little more into a populist sound with more accessible structures, but still staying true to his broad musical palette of ambient post-rock statements.

The album is a digital download only release on via German Shephard Records and will be available on Bandcamp and most of the leading other digital platforms.

The Bandcamp edition comes with additional artwork – a series of photographs depicting each of the individual tracks.

Coney Island Boppers can be streamed right now, and the official release date of Outer Rings is 11th January 2019 with pre-release already available.

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