Kamikaze Angel by Australian purveyor of avant-garde Industrial and ‘saddest girl in Australia’ Isserley is scary in all the right ways.  Think Throbbing Gristle meets Myrkur and you’re in the right area musically, and yet …

The darkness, the bleakness, the sheer blank noise that subsume the listener’s senses are at times terrifying yet still draw you in like light into a black hole. There’s no relief, no sign of light, no joy to be found but that’s actually what makes the song such an unbridled, uncompromising yet perverse joy to listen to.

Her sound has shifted markedly since 2017’s Sadposting, but the intense, dense emotional tidal wave on display shows Isserley remains an artist to watch and enjoy.

You can catch up with Isserley on Twitter and Facebook, whilst her back catalogue can be streamed or downloaded on Bandcamp and Spotify.