‘The saddest girl in Australia’ last made an appearance on the blog with her track Girl In The Shell back in February. Isserley is back with another slice of sonic assault with new single PLEASE STOP ME. Check it out below.

Isserley’s sound is uncompromising: think Zola Jesus or Myrkr, but with no emotional filter, coming at you like a hurricane. The bleaker moments of power electronics, harsh noise, and Hole all get an outing on a track that can be hard to fathom at times, which just adds to its delicious and disorienting effect.

PLEASE STOP ME is from Isserley’s TAPEWORMHOLE album,which you can stream on Bandcamp and Spotify. In addition, Brutal Resonance has released a limited-edition cassette of her Misanthropy Exhibition EP, which you can purchase here.

You can keep up to date with the world of Isserley on her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.