With their the forthcoming EP You Remind Me Of Something I Lost due out via Milk! Records and Marathon Artists on the 5th of June, Jade Imagine let us in on what’s to come with the video for Coastal Pines.

The Melbourne quartet’s EP – which you can pre-order here – is a cavalcade of delightful moments like Coastal Pines. A warm, yet ever so slightly spiky vocal delivery flows over an arrangement that has a quiet passion about it. Art-rock, shoegaze, and New Wave ebb and flow as the song winds its way to a gentle resolution, reflecting the business and movement of the city as if viewed from afar, the sound of the waves battling for your heart against the noise of modern life.

Talking about the single, frontwoman Jade McInally describes Coastal Pines as, “A song about the head versus the heart. For me, it’s the never-ending struggle between the city and the ocean pulling in two different directions.”

Jade Imagine’s Coastal Pines is out now on all major outlets to stream or download, including Amazon Music. Catch up with the band over on Facebook and Twitter, where you can keep up with news about the band and upcoming EP releases.