With his debut LP, This Empty Town due for release this summer on via Born Losers Records, Ontario’s  Jaguar Sun (Chris Minielly) offers a taster with the wonderful ambrosia of Those Days.

The cover of the single features one feisty looking kitty, and maybe he’s annoyed that we got the cream with this track! It’s more about evoking sensations and reminiscences than anything else, vague thoughts, half-remembered songs, and happier times. Minielly’s vocals have a melancholic tone, entirely in keeping with that ambience, leaving the listener blessed with that sublime happy-sad feeling. Good times may have gone away, but better ones might lay just ahead.

Says Minielly of the song, “Those Days is a bittersweet remembrance of old relationships and nostalgic summer trips. It’s a song about holding onto old memories just long enough before you let them go and move on.”

You can catch up with Jaguar Sun over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those Days is out now; you can listen to it on Spotify, and it can be streamed or downloaded Bandcamp.