Musicians singing about the trials of tribulations of being a musician is not a new thing, that’s for sure! It’s probably been going on for as long as they have (not) been getting paid for what they do, but few have done it with such style and panache as Jessicka has on new single Broke and Drunk.

Plaintive piano, lush strings and subtle electronic brushstrokes provide the foundations to express a beautifully crafted ironic lyrical paean to the life and aspirations of an artist in the digital age, where quality and talent are no longer arbiters of success.

The arrangement veers from heartfelt anthem to personal confessional, mirroring the lyrics as they stray joyfully from day-to-day life to wishful daydreams. On the basis of Broke and Drunk though, wider success will be a reality for Jessicka soon enough!

Broke and Drunk is out now via Light Organ Records and can be streamed on Spotify and other digital outlets.