Liverpudlian artist Jetta is the epitome of the DIY artist. As well as writing and producing her own music from her bedroom studio, she has her own label, and manages her own career. Still, she finds time to create audio-visual gems like I Wanna Know.

This is a tough song to categorise, and therein lies its real charm. Primarily electronic in terms of its sound, Jetta’s vocals occupy a mid-point between indie and soul. At the same time, the track itself gives off a minimalist, experimental ambience that’s still open to the listener. It’s full of contradictions, but it’s also highly original and enjoyable, and the latter point really shows how strong the song is.

Speaking about the single, Jetta says. “It’s a stream of consciousness really, I’m asking a question, I don’t have the answers yet.”

I Wanna Know can be listened to via all major digital platforms. Head over to Jetta’s socials, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to discover more about the artist and her work.