New Music: jim cobra – yourother man

Your Other Man is the latest single from Jim Cobra: a solo musician from the Gold Coast in Australia. The track is a musical marvel, inviting comparisons with Yu Gung era Einstürzende Neubauten as the song has a brittle, fractured electronic darkness at its core – befitting a song that Cobra says is about ego and jealousy, written after witnessing a controlling relationship. Your Other Man is a prime slice of heavy-hitting, post-punk electronica.

Speaking about his music, Cobra says ‘I like to experiment, embracer of everything. dedicated to difference, motivated by minimalism, and influenced by innovation. most tunes will be post punk of some description, with either a surf, electronic, or indie twist’.

You can check out more of Jim Cobra’s music over on Soundcloud and you can find out more about what makes him tick over on Instagram.

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