New Music: Jinka – Flesh To White To Black To Flesh

Jinka has followed up her debut single Trash From The Past with yet another slice of subversive pop goodness in Flesh To White To Black To Flesh – a track that again takes all the typical elements of a pop song; the beat, the melody, the hooks and shakes them up, taking them to a different place musically. Where Trash from The Past was bright, loud and in your face, Flesh To White To Black To Flesh subverts the expectation and emotions of the listener by being almost an uplifting ballad, but with a twist!

Berlin based Jinka says Flesh To White To Black To Flesh is an homage to conceptual art and Bruce Nauman’s video Flesh To White To Black To Flesh from 1968.

She says of the song; “I started writing Flesh To White To Black To Flesh in Toronto last year and finished the track in Berlin. During the production process I was watching Nauman’s video over and over again, trying to translate the atmosphere of its audio-visual field into my individual pop music language.

For me, both video and song, are about dissecting, morphing, reinventing and physically exploring different identities, about shifting the focus of perception away from the juxtaposition of various distinct results to the process of steady transformation.”

Two releases in and Jinka is showing an uncanny ability to pervert pop and create accessible art at the same time. I suspect there’s more gems to come our way from Jinka!

Flesh To White To Black To Flesh is out now, streaming on Spotify and iTunes as well as Soundcloud and you can find out more about Jinka, tour dates and videos over at her official website.

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