Giving It Up sees JONES (Cherie Jones-Mattis) break a silence of over three years since her impressive debut album, New Skin. You can check out the video for the song below.

Her very British vocal style bowls you over, sugar-sweet but with a gritty, grounded quality that lets you know who is in charge here. Think Soul II Soul and New Jill Swing meeting to jam over a James Brown beat, you’ll get a flavour of where the song is coming from. That London meets L.A. energy, busy streets meeting fearsome freeways, smoothed by the summer soul of JONES’ voice, makes resistance to the charms of Giving It Up both inadvisable and unavoidable.

Giving It Up by JONES is out now, and you can find details on how to listen to the track here. Head over to her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to catch up with JONES and her music.