Company is the latest, wonderfully brooding and subtly brilliant single taken from debut album In The Blank Space by Josin – composer and producer Arabella Rauch.

I’m not sure if ‘art dance’ is a real genre, but I struggled to come up with a short and pithy description for Company. Classical dance sounded trite, but the beauty of the song comes from the more musically ornate and classic elements Rauch has taken to create the track.

The aching simplicity of the piano passages evoke comparisons with Satie, flowing like water on a winter’s day – crisp and clear, but with a biting, bracing edge.

As the more electronic nuances come to the fore, the minimalist yet rich rhythms nod towards the club – not the sweaty dancefloor, but that moment when the crowd has gone home and the lights are going to be turned off, leaving a space full only of mixed memories and fleeting emotions.

As for Josin’s voice, it’s just pain and perfection all wrapped up in a darkly operatic delivery that defies logic but pierces the soul, each word and breath like a world of its own.

Company and In The Blank Space are out now via Dumont Dumont. Josin will be touring Europe later this year, you can find more about upcoming dates, the album and Josin herself on Facebook and Twitter.