Jouska is an Oslo-based duo that dwells in the more lush and poppy end of electronica and EBM, producing a sound that has a human, unhurried sensibility. Check out Titanics and prepare to be bowled over.

The vocals give the track a very ethereal quality, one that somehow works with the quirky, glitchy rhythms and samples that form the bedrock of the piece. That fusion of the smooth with more abrasive textures create an open yet at times unsettling sound that never becomes difficult, even as it stretches pop boundaries almost to breaking point.

The band describe Titanics, which is from their upcoming album, as a mellowly euphoric song about unhealthy relationships. They added that the writing process was intense as they wrote and produced the song in 20-30 hours, and hope that people will feel like dancing off the emptiness and sadness that everyone feels once in a while.

Titanics is out now via Oslo based record label and book publisher Koke Plate. If you want find out about new music and more from Jouska, be sure follow them on Facebook.