New Music: Joy Downer – Plastic Wrap

  • New Music: Joy Downer - Plastic Wrap

Los Angeles duo Joy Downer is Joy Downer and Jeff Downer, who are readying their follow-up release to 2017’s Radio Dreamer EP. The first salvo is the sumptuous sliver of electropop that is Plastic Wrap.

Openly with breathy vocals and a sultry post-punk meets electro bass line, the track prowls like a big cat, graceful yet with a hint of danger bubbling under the surface. A sense of irony pervades the lyrics, with an eye for a pithy takedown as Joy Downer sings in the most beguiling tones about a ‘Gucci suit that was store bought’, puncturing pretension with laser-like accuracy.

The track captures a certain emptiness that lies at the heart of modern consumerism and celebrity, the feeling that surface is all, but the track itself doesn’t fall in to that trap, with a human heart and a real intelligence beating under its electronic sheen.

Plastic Wrap is out now. The band are very active on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to check them out.

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