Originally from Sweden but now Berlin based,  electro duo Juno Francis describe their sound as a mix between dreamy 60s psychedelic and cheesy 80s sounds. That’s something very much to the fore on new single Dance With Me, which has seen them team up with fellow Swedes Digalaux.

The song, which they described as a ‘hazy memory of a love story and a tribute to the high life of the youth’, captures those days that seem like a dream, with only scars to show that they really happened. With hints of Daft Punk and 80s French pop breathing in the very fibre of the song, it has a catchy but sad tone to it, as if longing for the past, not just remembering it.

Sonically it can feel like you are initially on the outside of a great party looking in, before the beats and synths slowly open up, letting you in to its secret spaces.

Time plays tricks on us all, how we frame our memories, how we remember some things but not others, even how we remember the music we listened to and why. This is a song that feels like it’s born from those moments, not living in the past, but reinventing it for the here and now.

Dance With Me is out now via Finland’s Solina Records. You can stream the track on Spotify, and for details on other streaming and downloading services be sure to check out their Facebook page or click here.

Photo by Skye Sobejko