Italian trio Juno Verne (Micol, Mirko, and Frank) describe themselves as a ‘synth-heavy dance-rock band.’ If you’re intrigued by that description, listen to Never Again and all will be revealed.

Though the vocals carry a rapturous Gothic rock flourish to them, the track is given an extra layer of drama by the synths’ fluid sounds and the infectious AOR metal guitar riffs. On paper, that might seem an unusual collection of influences, but the trio brings those elements together in a way that’s sophisticated, glossy, and most of all, incredibly fun. If you like 80s film soundtracks and harbour a love for the high octane sounds of Queen and the synth sensuality of Duran Duran, you’ll find yourself smiling along to Never Again – if not dancing!

The band says about Never Again, “This song is about dealing with our dark side, which usually betrays ourselves. We are inspired by the classic 80s sound like Spandau Ballet, Siouxsie and the Banshees as well as the new retrowave scene like Gunship, Kristine.”

You can stream Juno Verne’s Never Again on Deezer and Spotify. Head over to the band’s official Facebook and Instagram socials for more listening options and news about upcoming releases.