Transatlantic duo Kaleida (Christina and Cicely) release their sophomore record Odyssey later this month via Lex Records. To give us a taste for what’s in store, they’ve dropped this video for featured track Feed Us Some.

The vocals deservedly take centre stage on Feed Us Some. With a timbre and delivery that echo Billie Ray Martin and Róisín Murphy, Christina’s performance is soulful and incredibly intimate. The rhythm of the track takes that soul sound and weaves it into minimal beats and early Chicago house bass and piano riffs to create a yearning though somewhat sultry atmosphere.

Talking about the concept behind the lyrics, Christina and Cicely describe it as being about “searching for spiritual sustenance at a low point” and “reaching out and connecting in life’s darker moments.”

You can get details on how to listen to Feed Us Some here. Information on pre-ordering and pre-saving Odyssey can be found here, with a vinyl edition of the album available on Bandcamp. Discover more about Kaleida and their album on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.