It feels like forever (Devotion in 2012 it seems) since we last heard new music from Kap Bambino but they’re back with a bang – not only a new video and song, but an album to follow! 2019 looks brighter all of a sudden! Watch the video for Erase below.

The French duo assault the senses with banks of penetrating electronica and a high energy rhythm that overwhelms as it seduces. Brash, bold and beautiful; the track makes no apologies, takes no prisoners as it whirls, weaves and lays waste to any attempt the listener may make to resist its frenetic charm.

Caroline Martial’s vocals feel like a masterclass in witchcraft, casting aural spells in a haze of delirious ecstasy and dangerous abandon, showing the current crop of electronic agitators how to make music that is as challenging as it is catchy.

Erase will feature on the Dust, Fierce, Forever album which is due for release this April – keep an eye on the duo’s Twitter and Facebook pages for more information.

Photo by François Quillacq