A singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn in New York, Karolina Rose has been building a reputation for her full-bodied take on indie and electro, as on new single Greytopia. Check out the song below and explore the fantasy world she creates in the song.

The upbeat and bouncy 90s electro-rock feel to the arrangement sets the scene for a song that has carries a positive but serious message in the lyrics. Rousing both lyrically and tonally, the song offers a view of a world that can be a better, more rewarding place if we take control of our lives. Sometimes if feels like there’s a slightly wry tone to the lyrics, but  the catchy chorus at heart the song offers a bright view of the world if we want to grasp it.

Greytopia is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Spotify. Be sure to check out Karolina on her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts for information about the song, as well as news about live dates – including one in Los Angeles on October 9th, upcoming releases and much more.