After a three-year stint settling back in to her home area of Northumberland Hills (Ontario, if any bemused Brits wonder what I’m on about!), Kate Boothman returns in style with a new single I Am An Animal which has an accompanying video. Check it out below.

With its blend of psych-rock and post-punk, I Am An Animal has a delightfully raw and animated feel – though with a very wry, knowing tone at times. Her folk-inflected vocals bring a rich air of humanity to a down and dirty arrangement, playfully duelling with the guitars and rhythm section to deliver a sound than is spiky but very satisfying as a listening experience as she sings of getting back to reality and gaining strength from that.  

I Am An Animal comes from the album of the same name, you can listen to both the track and album out on Spotify and Soundcloud. Be sure to keep track of gigs, releases and more via her official Facebook page.