Singer-songwriter-producer Kate Lomas was a real musical highlight of 2018 with her track Drink 2 U. Since then she’s been releasing excellent and energising pop, including Happy Like This.

Echoing both 80s rock ballads and classic French 60s pop, Happy Like This doesn’t hide its intent to overpower then empower the listener through the liberal use of poppy hooks and an upbeat, singalong chorus. Previous songs have displayed a more intimate side to Lomas’ vocals and songwriting, but here she shows her ease with belting out a real showstopper of a performance. If we ever have a summer here in theUK, this should be the soundtrack.

Happy Like This  is out now, streaming on Spotify and all major digital outlets. For more information on that, new music and more from Kate Lomas, be sure to follow her on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.