New Music: Katmaz – Tremolo Love (Sex)

  • New Music: Katmaz - Tremolo Love (Sex)

Katmaz is a Brooklyn based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has been making quite the impression with his unique take on soul since the release of 2016’s Nautical Things. That fine form continues with new track Tremelo Love (Sex) – check it our below.

There’s a sensual, almost primal feel to the track underneath the soulful vocals and languorous funk/RNB nuances of the arrangement. Vocally and sonically it taps in the raw urgency that can explode into being when love, lust and sex meet in a moment of passion, but is overridden by the desire to make the moment last, despite the consequences. It’s like he’s compressed the sexual essence of 9½ Weeks into three and a half minutes.

Katmaz says the song is about “a relationship you know will not work, but you stay in it anyway. It’s stormy and amazing at the same time. The song has two versions; Tremolo Love (Sex) and Tremolo Love (Love). This version, Tremolo Love (Sex) is faster, more upbeat, and represents the fleeting idea of lust. On the EP, a second version, Tremolo Love (Love), will be slower and sexier”.

Tremelo Love (Sex) is out now via Nordic Records – a sure sign of quality! The track is available on Spotify as well as other digital platforms and will feature on his upcoming EP – be sure to check his Facebook page for more details.

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