Kayls says her motivation for making music came in part from wanting an iPod when at summer camp.  “I got into making music because I didn’t want to live my life bribing other people for my own happiness. This whole thing is a metaphorical quest to get my own iPod.” Songs like Bend & Bow show we should be grateful she continues with that quest.

The song, which sees her team up with Bambor Leany, is a bass-heavy, attitude-rich take on pop and electro. The production is both crisp yet warm, with a dark undertone, lending the song a cocoon-like quality – soothing and surrounding the listener. The vocals match the song for complexity and mood, as beautiful and strong as a fine silk thread, sewing together thoughts and dreams.

Kayls explained some of the thinking behind the track’s lyrics, “Imagine the dark corners of the mind, which in dreams become the spotlight. Imagine you didn’t wake, and nightmares became real. The shadow of a gun becomes a pile of neon cocaine. The Lamborghini, it’s real, too. Not a question. Have you ever stuffed an ex into the frunk of a Lambo? Nah, me neither, but I’ve wanted to. We all have. Sometimes I think love is like a paper sack smeared with grease. What can you see when you look closer? The outline of a gun inside? The heart is an oblique place. So much movement, but it’s still, like fog. Moonlight exposes secrets, and secrets sleep in glass coffins. Everyone can see in. Revenge in a dream is still revenge. Those thoughts are what this song is about.”

You can stream Bend & Bow on Apple Music and Spotify. Head over to Kayls’ Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials for more details on how to listen to the song, as well as keeping up to date with news about forthcoming releases.