New York’s Kent Odessa recently dropped his Allies album on his own Hildago Records label after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The title track is a great shop window for the album as a whole. Have a listen to find out what we mean.

It’s a song that’s much more that the sum of its parts. Lyrically and musically you can hear themes in common with Hot Chip; Allies shares a similar blend of introspective lyrics and chilled dancefloor beats, but Odessa’s vocals lend the song a more RNB feel, as well as accentuating the occasional tropical and shoegaze nuances in the arrangement. It really shows his skill and experience as musician that he is able to tie so many strands into five minutes of happy melancholy. The album’s kinda cool too!

Allies is out now and features on the album of the same name, which is streaming on Spotify. For information on how to stream or download the track, head over to Odessa’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter media socials.