Los Angeles based non-conformist and maker of ‘bi-polar folk’ KERA has enlisted the services of the divine Devendra Banhart on the dreamy yet political Bright Future Ahead – a track where 100% of royalties go to Trans Lifeline.

Though having a strong image, Kera chooses to let the music be the main focus of attention here and their decision comes up on trumps on a song that is beauty and passion personified.

Part Roy Orbison, part tropical shower on a sultry sunny day, fused with 60s folk etherealness, the dissonant tones creeping in at the end change the focus slightly but Bright Future Ahead retains a positive and powerfully gentle polemic.

Kera had this to say about the song: ‘Bright Future Ahead is about the urgency to live unapologetically. A paradox between the helplessness in today’s political status quo and the need to support one another. This song is written with the intention of offering encouragement, community, and resilience to all who listen.’

The track is streaming on Spotify and you can donate direct to Trans Lifeline by clicking here.

Photo by Michael Tyrone Delaney II