New Music: Kevin Hale – Sweet Dreams

  • New Music: Kevin Hale - Sweet Dreams

One of the delights about getting to hear new music is that moment when you hear a track for the first time and it just throws you, but in a good way. Those moments, when the song turns its musical inspirations in to something very different, were to the fore when I first heard Kevin Hale’s Sweet Dreams.

Hale cites commercial acts like Calvin Harris, Avicii, Skrillex as influences and you can hear elements of those artists’ commercial sounds on Sweet Dreams. There’s an underlying club structure to the song, with trancelike arpeggios, dubstep infused bassline and trap-like percussion working overtime to get the feet moving.

But the chilled BPM, backmasked vocals and ethereal nature of the overall arrangement give the track an almost mystical, futurist air. With it’s blend of the commercial and the experimental, Sweet Dreams exudes a sense of self-assured mysticism that will appeal to people who like to think about music as well as listen to it.

Sweet Dreams is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud. You can find out more about Kevin Hale, his music as well as downloading details for the track via his official website.

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