French musician Kid Francescoli has already sold out his London appearance at Oslo in Hackney this March. When you watch the video for So Over, which is from his upcoming Lovers album, you will know why people are clamouring to catch him play live.

There are some good music in store for us when the album is released on 31st January via Yotanka, judging by the cool and emotive tones of So Over. The vocals of iOni add a layer of vulnerability to the song, but also a sense of self-assured detachment, as if viewing humanity from a distance. But that works well with the brooding synths and pulsating bass line, which breezily and confidently evokes memories of classic 80s electro and French disco. Effortlessly melodic and slightly melancholy, you’ll never want the song to fade out.

So Over is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Google Play. For more details on that and the Lovers album, head over on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep up on news about new music, upcoming live dates, and much more.