With his down to earth vocals and leftfield approach to electronica, the London/Bristol based solo artist King Monday creates a sound that is both human and adventurous, as you can hear on recent release Weightless.

With nods to the more accessible reaches of Aphex Twin and sprinkled with the tightest of DNB percussion, there’s some occasional dark edges to the arrangement which throw the more positive aspects to the lyrics into sharp relief. Overall it has a comforting feel to it, that the struggle is worth it, that barriers can be breached.

King Monday says this about Weightless: “This piece intends to describe the desire of being free from all burdens. Feeling ‘weightless’ translating to the notion of having the pressures of life being lifted. This EP has a running theme of life and is part of a collection which will be released this summer entitled Life Things (part 1-2) which focuses on the observations of life as a young adult in London; a city rife with opportunity, but also with socio-economic boundaries that causes unhappiness in many.”

Released via Bonfire Records, Weightless is out now, if you want to keep up with upcoming gigs, new music including the EP and much more from King Monday, throw him a follow on Twitter or Facebook.