New Music: Kini Solana – Just Art

  • New Music: Kini Solana - Just Art

Musicians often write about the creative process itself, and sometimes about the emotions that can elicit; but rarely is it done as beautifully as Kini Solana’s Just Art – check it out below.

Lyrically unadorned and slightly ambiguous, Solana initially leaves a little doubt in the listener’s mind as to whether she is reflecting on music or a love lost. Who’s to say that creating a piece of art isn’t akin to having a relationship anyway?

The brooding but melodic ambiance to the arrangement is in perfect sympathy with the lyrics, leaving the listener to Just Art feeling like they’re had a glimpse in to the soul of the artist.

She describes Just Art as being “A song about the emotional struggle of the artist. I describe the frustration that comes with being a creative person and wanting to do what you love all the time, while also feeling the pressure of reality and the financial demands that can put the passion on hold.”

Just Art can also be streamed on Spotify along with her previous single I Bloom – you can find out more on Facebook.

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