New Music: Kinisi – Highly Motovated Slacker

  • New Music: Kinisi - Highly Motovated Slacker

Atlanta based singer/songwriter Kinisi (aka Speros Kokenes) is back after six years with a new EP in the works, from which he’s released a taster in the form of Highly Motivated Slacker – check it out below.

With a chilled veneer applied over some 8bit style sounds and a light melody reinforced by a rich, reverie-inspiring guitar solo, it’s a blissful track.

Almost hypnotic at times, as the rhythms undulate gently underneath, the airy yet plaintive vocals connect with the listener as the lyrics open up about coming to terms being comfortable in your own uncomfortable skin.

With an ambiance that sits somewhere between Sparks and Stone Roses, it’s not a commercial, easy listen but it’s an interesting and rewarding one.

Speaking about the song Speros says: “During the writing the EP there was a conscious effort to blur the lines between my guitar playing and synthesized sounds. This blend is best evidenced in the opening melody of Highly Motivated Slacker, which was derived from recording a guitar riff and then running it through a sampler, so it could be chopped up and rearranged into a completely different melody, with a bouncy and slightly unnatural feel to it”.

Highly Motivated Slacker is out now and features on his Kinesthetics EP which you can stream in its entirety on Spotify.

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