KINOLECTRO is Dakota Blue and Jenny Nirgends, a Hollywood duo that explores some of the more languid and louche sides of Tinseltown, as on recent single Photographic Afternoons.

With a moodily static and minimal drumbeat underpinning the track, the immediate impression is one of the heyday of Neue Deutsche Welle as post-punk and electronica collide then part, warily. Nigrends’ vocals share a spiritual and tonal sisterhood with Molly Nilsson, adding do the icy sensuality on the song. I can imagine Catherine Deneuve circa The Hunger vamping to Photographic Afternoons, such is  its firm grasp on longing, lust and existential desire.

For details on how to stream and download KINOLECTRO’s Photographic Afternoons on click here. For more information on the album, be sure to head on over to the duo’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.