Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Berg (Kite) are one of the best bands, currently active, anywhere in any genre. A bold statement, but one I thoroughly stand behind; and this dynamic Swedish duo continue to excel themselves on Demons & Shame –  a pounding, driving synth anthem that just landed over on YouTube.

As ever the band manage to balance the inherent almost metal darkness in their sound with an accessibility that has seen them gain more followers with every release.

They’ve yet to release an album, instead using the EP format as their medium of choice. Lyrically the song has an offbeat positivity to it, focussing on the need to carry on with our lives though we may fail and confidence may falter. An anthem for a contemplative generation – that’s what Kite have served up on Demons & Shame.

The track is released to coincide with their American tour, currently in progress.