New Music: KOLLAPS – It Has A Mouth

  • New Music: KOLLAPS - It Has A Mouth

Melbourne industrial noise merchants KOLLAPS are bringing their blistering soundscapes to Europe on a thirty-date tour. To prepare us for what is to come they’ve released a single – It Has A Mouth – from their most recent album, SIBLING LOVERS.

The track sees the trio take no prisoners with their total sonic assault – part Whitehouse, part Merzbow; but 100% edgy as the wall of noise pummels the senses and the searing vocals seem to be looking right in to your soul, regurgitating the darkness that lies within.

KOLLAPS are by no means an easy listen, but they’re a rewarding one if you see beyond the initial aural shock.

SIBLING LOVERS is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify. The band’s tour will see them play thirty gigs in thirteen European countries throughout October and November including dates in Berlin, Rotterdam, Cologne, Vienna, an appearance at the Wroclaw Festival as well as appearances in Scandinavia and the Balkans.

You can find out more on the bands’ Facebook page.

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