Korine, the Philadelphia electronic pop duo comprising Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye, follow up June single Fate with Cold Heart another single from their imminent The Night We Raise album. Watch the video for the song below.

The duo excels at giving new wave and post-punk sounds a fresh feel, and once again, they achieve that on Cold Heart. You can pick up hints of New Order and Clan of Xymox in the thundering bassline and icy synths. Still, there’s a real warmth here too, as the vulnerable vocals and reflective lyrics add a beguiling air of humanity, introspection and doubt to the melody’s certainty.

Morgy Ramone of the band discloses this about Cold Heart: “We actually wrote this song a while ago (it’s the ‘oldest’ song on the record) and have been playing it live long before we had an actual recording. I wanted it to have a similar intensity to one’s innermost thoughts, questioning reality and self, spiraling into moments from the past and future.”

Cold Heart is out now and available to stream Spotify. Be sure to check the band out over on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more listening options and news about the album. You can order a vinyl edition of the album on Bandcamp via Data Airlines in the EU or here if you are in the US.