Based in the eclectic electronic music hub that is Toronto, KYLO takes an experimental approach to pop music, as you can hear on her most recent track Sometimes.

Offbeat and original, Sometimes is a refreshing take on a downtempo-infused sound, adding a layer of perfect pop sheen whilst ethereal vocals cast a spell on the listener. It renders them helpless, caressing them with chilled beats and warm, reverbed synths, making it a track to be savoured, explored and enjoyed liked a fine wine.

She says the track and its accompanying video are about her “roaming around in the underworld (the subway) representing my feelings of being stuck in a relationship/lost and then being transformed/reborn (flash to outside) where I am freed and have left the relationship to be independent and have a new life.”

You can stream the track on Spotify, Soundcloud and other digital outlets, and you can find out more on her Facebook page too.