London based trio KYOTI is comprised of Ed Burgon (vocals), David Mabbott (keys/synths) and Benji Huntrods (drums). New single Restart The World is political pop with a twist, very catchy and very relevant to today’s cultural and political climate.

There’s a real melange of influences going on here, with jazz, funk, dance and pop all in the mix. The trio have fused these disparate elements together with seeming ease, making for a smooth but rousing call to arms.

It results in a rousing pop polemic that invites favourable comparisons with the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Hot Chip, but also the pointed but pleasant grooves and sounds of Steely Dan.

There’s a lyrical maturity that lifts the song above so many of its peers, as it reflects on the current trials and tribulations of the world. It suggests that we need to stop and take stock of where we are, where we are going and then ask the question: is that really where we want to end up?

With Ed Burgon on vocal duties, such weighty lyrical concepts are handled with a real lightness of touch, so much so that you can’t help but nod and agree with the band’s message.

Speaking about the track, the band said: Restart The World is about feeling powerless in a quickly changing world. We are slowly losing our humanity and giving it over to machines. Our collective memory is being eroded, falling in to the endless sea. We need to start again.”

Restart The World is out now via Seahorse Music, as well as streaming on digital services including Soundcloud and Spotify.

You can find out more about the release and KYOTI themselves on Twitter and Facebook.

The Nuri Moseinco directed video features the TOBY Dance Company and was choreographed by Katy Higgins.