Hull residents and ‘skint Northeners’ La Bête Blooms know how to skewer modern life and have done so with great skill on new track Take Arms. Have a listen and try not to be offended if you’re one of the ‘business class still living with their mothers’. Though I think the band would like it if you were!

Take Arms is a lo-fi indie electro polemic, the cutting lyrics fighting for supremacy with a scuzzy bassline and feisty synths that know how to throw a punch or two. It’s Seattle grunge meeting blunt Northern manners and electronic anger. Whilst none of them come out top dog, there’s plenty of energy left at the end of the song and it makes for a track that is fresh, engaging and most of all, infectious in its upbeat anger.

The band say the track is about taking aim at modern day stereotypes, picking apart classic generalisations (from the trivial to the not so) and proclaiming the answer to the planet’s continuing woes (from nuclear toys to global warming), sticking two fingers up and getting drunk (something they’re apparently collectively managing to do quite well in 2018).

Take Arms is released via Adult Teeth and is out now, you can hear more for the band on Bandcamp and Spotify as well as all major digital outlets. We’ll be off to see the band this April 19th in Manchester at The Castle – if you’re in the area, why not join us?