Short, sweet and very sassy, Cursed Crown 2.0 by Australian multimedia artist LÂLKA ft Death Club 7 wouldn’t sound out of place on Drag Race with its cute but cutting day-glo dissing. Check out the video to hear and see more from this exciting musician.

A glorious collision of K-Pop, gay culture, PC music and a hell of a lot of attitude and shade, the track is shamelessly upbeat and confident. Like SOPHIE having a runway duel with Die Antwoord to some shiny beats and caustic lyrics – part positivity, part low key dissing; it’s fun, fearsome and very, very fun.

Cursed Crown 2.0 is out now, streaming on all major digital platforms including Spotify – click here to find out about other streaming sources. To capture more of LÂLKA’s unique and fashion-conscious style, as well as information about gigs and future releases, keep an eye on her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds.