New Music: Langston Francis – Fall From Grace

  • New Music: Langston Francis - Fall From Grace

Langston Francis is a Toronto-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and photographer who brings elements of his childhood to the fore in his music.  Growing up in the Kensington Market area of Toronto he’s spoken about being surrounded by hip hop, electronica, and jazz music as a child – influences he says have helped shape his music and creativity. Check out the video for his new track Fall From Grace below.

The song glistens like ice in the midnight sun, the shimmering and slowly shifting arrangement giving the sensation of watching a scene evolve in slow motion. Combining dreamy tones, downtempo and Scandic beats, it serves as the perfect bedrock for Langston’s vocals; soulful and expressive yet slightly detached as if a disinterested observer in his own memories.

In fact, Fall From Grace has the potential to be a soundtrack to your own reminiscences, such is its skill at feeling like a moment frozen in time and space.

Fall From Grace is out now via Sony and you can find out more about how to stream and download the track here. Francis has also lined up some festival gigs over the summer and you can get details on his Facebook page as well as his official website.

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