New Music: La+ch – NONE

  • New Music: La+ch - NONE

Toronto based producer / songwriter La+ch made quite the impression with their album + and has followed that up with the odd, slightly disturbing yey beautifully majestic EP NONE. It’s a voyage through occasionally left-field electronic, pitch-shifted vocals and tight percussion combined with more organic elements on songs that’ll make you dance, but are certainly no mindless club bangers. Check out the video which features the track Gone, and contains violent imagery and snippets from other tracks on the EP, below.

Speaking about the video, which was directed by fellow sideways artist Shan Vincent de Paul, La+ch says the video sees them take on various characters in the video: a runaway nun with a shotgun trying to find closure, a samurai bride seeking revenge, a bomb-headed monk looking for a peaceful exit from the world, and a retired wrestler hiding from his past through his passion.

NONE is out now, and you can get more information on how to stream, buy or download that track and EP by following this link.

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