Karindra Perrier is the main songwriter and driving force behind Dutch band Faradays. To tie in with the release on new EP Memories, the group has a new single called Late Bloomers Brigade – check out the song below.

The song’s hazy, dreamy tones are a complete delight, the looping percussion and soft sound to the synths creating a late-night, romantic ambience. Predominantly electronic in nature, the track still evokes favourable comparisons with 70s rock and spacey RNB harnessing a gentle organic vibe.

The light-hearted ‘De La Soul’ feel to the rap by Jay-Way and the reassuringly bright vocal delivery by Perrier add to the double-edged yet comforting tone of the lyrics, making Late Bloomers Brigade a pleasingly wry number.

Late Bloomers Brigade and more of Faradays music is available on Soundcloud and Spotify. For more details and news of live appearances by the band, be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.