New Music: Lazerpunk – Speedracer (feat. Quixotic)

  • New Music: Lazerpunk - Speedracer (feat. Quixotic)

Hungarian outrun producer Lazerpunk teamed up with friend, musical rival and fellow lover of fast cars Quixotic on Speedracer – check it out below.

The track, which comes from the former’s Death & Glory album is a glorious collision of outrun and retrowave with some harder, more Industrial and EBM sounds.

Hard and fast like a Ferrari, the track speeds along a fair rate, bright and fierce like neon in the night, Speedracer uses its sheer force and energy to make you listen to it and makes sure you’ll enjoy every thrilling and slightly scary second of this musical joyride

Death & Glory is out now, you can stream it on Spotify, with the album available on limited edition vinyl via Bandcamp. You can check out more of Lazerpunk’s work on Bandcamp.

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