LEGGY – Véronique Allaer (vocals, quitar) Kerstin Bladh (bass / vocals) and Christopher Campbell (drums) – make a sound that is much greater than the sum of its already impressive parts, and a very enjoyable one to boot on Taffy.

The self-described ‘Cincinnati lush punks’ serve up a delirious wonder of a song, at times painful in its musical and lyrical rawness, something that adds to the passion and humanity to the song. Bits of grunge nihilism and punk energy bubble though the track, but it still retains an oddly melodic edge as it negotiates its way through modern relationship politics.

Lead singer Véronique Allaer had this to say about the track – and indeed the album: “The most prominent theme in this album is a relationship where you have to take a step back and ask ‘does this person water me? Do I water them?’ – meaning, do we help each other grow, are we good for each other? Is there anything more painful than realizing the person you love is no longer good for you?”

Taffy is out now – click here to find out more – and is from Leggy’s sophomore album Let Me Know Your Moon which is out on Bandcamp for pre-order. It’ll be available there and on all major digital platforms on March 8th 2019.